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    -- Moon Handbooks YUCATAN PENINSULA (10th Ed) by Lisa & Gary Prado Chandler-- selected (2008) as "Best Guidebook" by Adventure Journey, a popular travel website (scroll down half a page)-- (originally by Chiki Mallan), and thanks to this book we arrived at Xcalak in 1995.

    Sin Duda Villas is small and remote, thus we must adhere to specific policies which work for us.  If you have questions, please ask about our policies prior to making reservations. We rely completely on our paid advertising and word of mouth for our reservations, and nearly all reservations are made online.  Due to our particular policies, we highly recommend purchase of cancellation insurance.  
      Confirmation:  Occurs by paying a 50% nonrefundable payment within 10 days of contact with us.  During these 10 days, we cannot "hold" rooms, because there may be more than one party interested in the same space.  This 50% payment is not refundable for any reason-- (change in airline schedule, cancellation of flight, personal or family emergencies).  The balance or final payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival.  Again, we strongly suggest you purchase travel insurance.  Please understand you have reserved a small part of Sin Duda to be 'yours,' and we have honored your reservation in good faith.  Should you cancel, even for one night, without sufficient notification, we are unable to "fill" that space reserved for you.
      Cancellation:  You will have paid your 50% nonrefundable fee.  Dependent upon your final payment . . .
    --  Notification of cancellation 60 days prior to arrival, you will receive a refund of half your final balance or 1/4 payment.
    --  Notification of cancellatio
    n in less than 60 days-- we will issue credit (a rain check) for the amount paid which will be valid for one year from the date of your cancellation.   Again, we encourage you to purchase cancellation insurance.
    --  CONFIRMATION LETTER:  For each portion of your payment, whether the original 50% nonrefundable or the final payment, you will receive a confirmation letter.  We encourage you to read through our Policies prior to making a reservation with us.  

    -- Do be aware, we're not for "everyone."  We can recommend other hotels [closer to Cancun].
    -- Three-night minimum, in deference to keeping Mother Nature happy with conservation of our water:  We change linens every fourth morning.
    -- A Real Voice:  Our USA Associates, Amelia & Barry can answer questions--call 415-868-9925.  Keep trying, both multi-task and cannot always answer the phone.  Leave a message, one will return your call.  Neither knows our reservations or availability.  Email us directly at Sin Duda Villas-- I am almost always online. 
    -- Children:  Due to the intimacy of design of our hotelito, we request your well-mannered youngsters be 10 years of age or older.  As parents, you understand how stressful for you to try comforting an unhappy baby far from familiar routines, also quite disturbing to others of our guests, who come here for tranquility.

  • PASSPORT REQUIRED?  Yes! passport required for Mexico entry since January 2007.

  • ABOUT MONEY?   Exchange at Cancun or Playa del Carmen: -- ATM Bank Machines give the best exchange rate; also American Express in the cities of either Cancun or Playa del Carmen also has an excellent exchange rate.  In Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto use HSBC Bank--where there are ATM machines.   We suggest raising your daily limit via ATM Machine during your trip to Mexico through your local bank prior to travel.  Finally, check w/your bank in your city re exchanging US dollars to pesos, it's possible your bank will use a current exchange rate.   Read Travel Instructions for details.  Travelers Checks can be exchanged at Cancun Airport American Express or Cancun Centro or Playa del Carmen--these are cities with ability to transfer these checks back to the USA; at Sin Duda or around our village, plan to use cash: pesos or U.S. dollars.    Credit cards: VISA or MC accepted at grocery stores (Wal-Mart, Costco, Chedraui, Sam's) @ Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  South of  Playa del Carmen, you'll not be able to use your credit card, except at ATM machines (last ATM machine at Felipe Carrillo Puerto).  Pemex gas, the only gas service, does NOT accept cards.  Amount of Money to bring: As a visitor, think $100/day:  GroceryTruck: $25/day -if you buy meat (chicken/pork) with veggies & fruits for 3 people, every other day.  Lobster:  $30/lb.  Belize Day-Trip ($50 ea).  Dining out: $20+ pp w/o alcohol.    Diving: $60 for 2-tanks.  Bird Island Day-Trip: $40 pp.  Gas: $3.70/gal.  Set up a PayPal account which enables you to go online in Xcalak to pay via internet. Our National Marine Park bracelets for swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling: $4.60/day per person to use the Park.  

  • VEHICLE RENTAL, 4WD?   Not necessary, only fun.  All our roads (except the last 8 km) are PAVED.   NOTE:  The once "scenic route" along the Old Beach Road to south at Km 29 is not passable; the Rio Uatch Bridge has burned.

  • BEACH ROAD TO SDV?:  HOORAY!  The most horrible Beach Road (5 miles fr Village to SDV) is EXCELLENT (2010)

  • HOW DO WE BOOK WITH YOU?  DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS?:   We reserve the rooms according to first response and receipt of confirmation payment within 10 days of contacting us This is our most honorable method for handling reservations which come in all at once.  Payment in full is due 30 days prior to arrival.  Reservation changes (except extensions) carry a $20 fee per person, per occurrence.  See Payment Choices:  Reservations

  • WHAT ABOUT VISA OR MASTER CARDInformation on Reservations page of the website to use Visa or Master Card through PayPal to pay us.  Set up a PayPal account prior to travel to Xcalak; helpful for payments of diving & daytrips as others use PayPal and you may go online while here to make payments. 

  • HOW DO WE GET TO YOU? See rudimentary map "GETTING HERE"  Details in Travel Instructions.
          CAR  Arrange vehicle in USA-- Two links w/comparisons:  Car Rentals , and  Red Tag Cars.   --Insurance: Ask me for this information in detail.  If you use Master Card, Visa or American Express, ask your card company about their benefits policy of coverage in Mexico.  
    Arrival at Cancun International Airport is best.  Cancun is a huge destination.  We do not recommend flying into Belize City, though you may find cheaper air fares.  Travel distance via Belize is same as from Cancun--5 hours.
      Several buses and many schedules.  Posted here are for arriving at Mahahual from Cancun or Chetumal
      ADO: (1st Class) (Autobuses de Oriente) (Update 2012--this bus may not be running Summer-Fall)  Depart Cancun Centro Main Bus Station directly to Mahahual- $23 one way: Depart Cancun: 7:00 a.m. & 11:30 p.m.  Arrive Mahahual: 12:30 p.m. & 5:00 a.m. respectively.  Write to ask if the bus is in service for the upcoming season December 2012.
             ADO: Depart Mahahual to Cancun:  10:00 a.m. (stops @ Limones, Carrillo, Tulum, Playa & Cancun).
      MAYAB BUS LINES   1st Class bus service from Cancun to Chetumal, with a stop at Limones, where there are taxis to transport you to Mahahual (30 minutes) and on to Xcalak (40 minutes more).. 
      CARIBBE (2nd Class) BUS:  Depart Mahahual to Chetumal:
    7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. daily
              Depart Chetumal to Mahahual: 6:30 a.m. /  8:00 a.m.  / 3:30 p.m.  / 5:00 p.m. 

  • DINING IN SIN DUDA'S KITCHENS? Before you arrive: Shop for groceries (preferably along the way):  Playa del Carmen: Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Chedraui, Soriana and "Mega" (Commercial Mexicana).   Tulum: San Francisco.  Details in Travel Instructions.   GROCERY TRUCK AT SIN DUDA:  Most Days laden with fresh meats, veggies, fruits, breads, Mexican wit & charm!    Back to top  

  • XCALAK RESTAURANTS?  In the Village of Xcalak:  Toby's Porch (daily),  Xcalak Caribbe (daily), Silvia's Loncheria (daily), all serve fresh fish.  November to May, reservations please for The Leaky PalapaResort dining: Costa de Cocos and Hotel Tierra Maya will welcome you to their bar and restaurants.  Use our marine radio to ask the day's menu or the fishermen's daily catch, extraordinary Yucatecan fare.  

  • SCUBA DIVING IS WORLD CLASS  Though we do not specialize in diving, we DO specialize in getting you connected to incredible diving through 2 or 3 dive operations.  Contact  XTC Dive Shop (for Chinchorro Banks) 

  • FLYFISHING ON THE FLATS OF CHETUMAL BAY?  BONEFISHING, OR CASTING FOR TARPON -- IT'S HERE.  Robert actually purchased an Orvis bonefishing rig; but bring 'em, if you have 'em!  As the tide changes you'll see the bonefish tailing outside your door!  We have not yet been discovered; therefore, only a few fisher-people have been here before you!  Like our neighbor, Ambergris Caye, the FLATS are a wonderland--we're only 10 nautical miles north of the Belize border.

  • MONTHS FOR BEST WEATHERFEBRUARY - AUGUST exceptional  weather 10-1/2 months. Year-round 85-90 with salty breezes the norm; occasional "northerly" wind from inland during November-January 

  • IS MY INFORMATION TO YOU, PRIVATE?  YES. Please click here to read our privacy-policy
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