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The Maya Cocina, Living Room and Library 
A full-sized kitchen accessible 24 hours; stove with oven; refrigerator, dinnerware and flatware service for 8.  Breakfast is complimentary.
   From built in shelving on all walls, select as many books as you wish, we are zealous readers; among our +1500 books, you'll find something you've been wanting to read, but have had no time--now, you have that time.  
   You'll find current best sellers, hard cover, trade editions, paperback mysteries, classics,  reference and travel, even a youth section.
  This cozy gathering place is our guests' favorite room. 




  In Xcalak Village: The Leaky Palapa (reservations) with Marla and Linda; Moises & Toby's Caribbe: Wed-Fri 12-8 p.m. /Saturday 11-5.  Mama Terri's Lunch: soup-tamales-salbuttas-tortas.  Silvia's Loncheria, lunch and dinners-- all serving fresh fish, vegetarian or Yucatecan foods.
North of the Village: Costa de Cocos, lodge-style bar and restaurant 6-9 p.m plus pizza; Tierra Maya's seaside grill 5:30-8 pm.  These are seasoned resorts with dining rooms presenting luncheon and dinners.



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Use our Marine Radio to call-ahead & ask the evening's menu!  

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